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Explore THC FREE Alternatives

Our comprehensive oil tincture guide is here! Learn why you should use different cannabinoids in combination or in enriched full spectrum formulations. While many cannabinoids have an overlapping effect on some issues, such as epilepsy, ADH/D, depression and anxiety, while others target new pathways that seem to be specific for issues arising from conditions outlined in the chart.

By knowing the differences between our formulations- our members are able to better select the formula that is right for them. Additionally, no natural/alternative/Cannabis-based treatment is “One Size-Fits All”, thus, it offers alternatives for treating common cannabis-responsive conditions.

Our new tincture guide is compiled and critically analyzed data over almost ten years of data from our lab -to help in suggesting specific alternatives for personal wellness.

BONUS GUIDE | Our Spa Products Guide

Our organic vegan spa products are more popular than ever! Offering real renewal and relief from everyday stress and overexertion.