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Explore THC FREE Alternatives

Our comprehensive oil tincture guide is here! Learn why you should use different cannabinoids in combination or in enriched full spectrum formulations. While many cannabinoids...Continue Reading

MEMBERS ONLY: Big Data at The Pot Lab

As many of you know, we collect data for learning more about the use of hemp as a medicinal food. Our main focus is the use of edible raw hemp, however we have expanded our collection to several other products which may be useful in your daily lives. Through ourContinue Reading

The Winning Formula: Golden Earth

Black in Biophysics Week yields honors and interest in raw hemp. This year we celebrated #BlackInBiophysicsWeek with The Biophysical Society and were participants in the #BIBPS #ScienceShare campaign, where Black biophysicists share their work in 3 minutes or less, via social media! We shared our poster on Golden Earth whichContinue Reading

Research Notes: Exploring Analgesic Properties of Minor Cannabinoids & Terpenes

While some researchers poised themselves as warriors for patients, the regulatory bodies ensured us that the process was hard and we will not be able to easily go through the process, simply with a fantastic proof-of-concept. Additionally, the regulatory panel confirmed bias towards this plant, as did some researchers. Continue Reading

5 Ways to Heal In Chaotic Times

The entire planet is in disarray, from a global pandemic to repeated climate change catastrophes; No, this is not a film, it is our current reality. Dr. Brandie M Cross We are the lucky ones in so far- as we are alive in this time, which is something to thinkContinue Reading

Plant-Powered Futures

5 Hot Topics in Plant-Based Research 1. Terpenes and Trichomes The popularity of essential oils in recent years revolves around a chemistry particular to fragrant plants and herbs. Terpenes are organic compounds that are responsible for the odors, and flavors of essential oils. In the case of sages, for example,Continue Reading

Revolutionary Rehab

10 Steps to Relaxing & Reenergizing Through Crisis Through years of protests & demonstrations- I learned exactly what I needed during long bouts of stressful activities; I needed more than rest, I needed rehabilitation. So here are 10 ways I get that energy back and relieve the lingering existential anxietiesContinue Reading

100% Vegan Organic

ALL ingredients, oils, plants and other additives are in their raw form. Our garden and the gardens of our collaborators are 100% organic and operate via a 11 point Eco-Sustainable Footprint (More about our ESF program click here)

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