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OUR COOPERATIVE was born aS AN IDEA IN 2011 WHEN MANY PEOPLE WERE THINKING ABOUT HOW HEMP COULD CHANGE THE WORLD. nearly TEN YEARS LATER WE ARE HAPPY TO PRESENT A MULTITUDE organic and vegan products made of the best PLANT OILS snd EXTRACTS- from around the world, IN OUR SIGNATURE TINCTURES AND BALMS FOR YOUR — USE. IN the process of creating new processes to work with and preserve raw plant oils/extracts, we found that they were stronger together; We discovered synergy.


<strong>Dr. Brandie M Cross, PhD<br></strong><em>Principal Investigator</em>
Dr. Brandie M Cross, PhD
Principal Investigator

Born in Los Angeles, Dr. Cross is an award-winning, Johns Hopkins Medicine graduate and lifetime human rights activist. Dr. Cross has a multilateral mind which balances scientific inquiry, complex analysis, and radical truth-telling through data.
Ph.D. Biochemistry Cell & Molecular Biology
Johns Hopkins, School of Medicine
MS/BA Biology
California State University, Northridge

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<strong>Sponsor Our Members<br></strong><em>A  Healing Opportun</em>ity
Sponsor Our Members
A Healing Opportunity

Over 100 people per year request financial assistance to pay for their necessary products.
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