The Cannabis Academy

Fall 2023

Our 100% Online Cannabis science education program is designed to provide in-depth knowledge and understanding of the scientific aspects of cannabis, including its biology, chemistry, pharmacology, and therapeutic applications. These programs aim to equip individuals with the skills and expertise needed to contribute to the advancement of the cannabis industry through research, product development, quality control, and related fields.

The Cannabis Academy educational program typically covers a wide range of topics, our modular program includes:

  1. Cannabis Biology: This involves studying the anatomy, physiology, and life cycle of the Cannabis plant. Students learn about the different cannabis species and strains, plant genetics, cultivation techniques, and environmental factors that influence plant growth and development.
  2. Cannabis Chemistry: This focuses on the chemical compounds present in cannabis, including cannabinoids (such as THC and CBD), terpenes, and flavonoids. Students learn about the chemical structures, properties, and interactions of these compounds, as well as methods of extraction, purification, and analysis.
  3. Pharmacology and Therapeutic Applications: This area explores the effects of Cannabis on the human body and its potential therapeutic applications. Students learn about the endocannabinoid system, cannabinoid receptors, and the mechanisms of action of cannabinoids. They also study the use of cannabis for various medical conditions and the potential benefits and risks associated with its use.
  4. Quality Control and Testing: This covers the processes and techniques used to ensure the safety, quality, and consistency of cannabis products. Students learn about laboratory testing methods, quality assurance protocols, and regulatory compliance related to cannabis testing.
  5. Cannabis Research and Innovation: This aspect focuses on scientific research methodologies applied to Cannabis . Students learn about experimental design, data analysis, and interpretation of results. They may also explore emerging areas of research, such as cannabis genetics, formulation development, and novel delivery systems.

Join Us this this summer!
August 12-13 3pm-6pm PDT SESSION I: Medical Cannabis Science (Modules 1-3 ) 
August 19- 21 3pm-6pm PDT SESSION II: The Business of Cannabis Science (Modules 3-5 )

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