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5 Ways to Heal In Chaotic Times

The entire planet is in disarray, from a global pandemic to repeated climate change catastrophes; No, this is not a film, it is our current reality.

Dr. Brandie M Cross

We are the lucky ones in so far- as we are alive in this time, which is something to think about in the face of so much upheaval. We are adjusting our partnerships, parenting, and practices to a new reality, in a world where everything is in complete chaos. Here is our quick guide to making the best of this time:

  1. Space – Create spaces in your home and outdoor spaces that are safe and healing. Be mindful of others in your home who may need more or less space through this time. Ask for space and give it liberally.
  2. Care – Taking care of yourself and household is essential, so be sure you are being supportive and receiving support. As we move through this time, caring for ourselves and others is essential for survival.
  3. Activity – Take the time to prepare foods from scratch, create plans for emergencies, and other tasks that you (and your family) have up toff, is a great use of time when you feel the urge. Be careful to be mindful of individual expectations, and set realistic goals. It is OK to have some fun- be sure your activities move your mind in a positive way.
  4. Goals – Be mindful that the entire world is unsure at the moment and be realistic abo your goals! We all know that our endless work and tasks go nowhere, so be kind to yourself, when you fall behind.
  5. Spirituality – Spirituality, and religion are personal supportive rituals that can satisfy our need for answers to the unknown and unclear. Healthy rituals that make you feel better are great for this time. As death becomes our world, we can all offer our thoughts to those who pass.

Essentially, this winter will be cold and hard on all of us. What we need more than ever is to slow our minds, focus on the survival of, not only ourselves but our families, friends, and neighbors, as well. We hope these five mindful words will help you, survive and thrive through this, hardest of times.
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