Terpene Profiling: The Magic in the Mist


3 day treatment of psoriasis with Magic Mist.

Magic Mist has been shown to alleviate psoriasis, eczema, arthritis, muscle pain, rashes, sunburn, bug bites (while repelling bugs), diaper rash, hives and many other skin/health issues! Magic Mist is a sustainable-made, all-purpose, vegan antiseptic and healing spray made for all kinds of skin aberrations and even beautification! Based in natural organic hemp seed oil, is a plethora of terpenes with a soothing aroma and fantastic skin remodeling capabilities. The non-petroleum hemp seed oil base, also makes Magic Mist a nationally legal hemp product! These terpenes represent those in the average Cannabis indica hybrid (think of OG Kush) which seem to be the most useful fo rthe general medical application of Cannabis. In our formulation we use essential oils from various botanical sources to generate a strikingly similar profile and added antimicrobial properties. These plants include rosemary, eucalyptus, citrus oils and lavender , amoung others. Giving us perfect ratios of these isoprenes, including  the infamous Beta-caryophyllene- a CB2 agonist.

Terpenes and terpenoid phenols have been used through out history as medical molecules. From their antimicrobial and even antiviral properties, to their ability to protect and renew, these molecules are astounding. Magic Mist can be used from head to toes everyday! In the hair, it can clean and condition while reducing frizz and damage. For the face, it renews wrinkles, tightens skin while adding a lovely velvet texture. For the entire body, it can relieve so many skin disorders and more add to the long list everyday, so give it a try! At only $25 per bottle, our clients are getting more use with this natural skin elixer, than most medical and bath products. The surprise in the bottle is the naturally balanced fragrance, which both the feminine and masculine enjoy!
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