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Founder & Core Facilitator

 Dr. Brandie M. Cross, Ph.D.


The Johns Hopkins University, School of Medicine
Ph.D.,  Biochemistry, Cell and Molecular Biology (2013)
California State University, Northridge
M.Sc., Biotechnology
B.A., Biology

Publications@ RESEARCHGATE
Talents and Interests

Bgirl (breakdancing) and other dance forms, shamanism, acrylic painting, metaphysics, skimboarding, ancient history, hiking, reading, smiling and camping.


Dr. Cross began forming The Pot Lab during her final year at The Johns Hopkins University, School of Medicine in the Department of Physiology as a Biochemistry Cell and Molecular Biology Ph.D. candidate and the Thomas J. Kelly Scholar.Her dissertation included the elucidation of a novel calcium pathway in mammary development and breast cancer cells. She garnered several awards from The Biophysical Society,Federation of American Societies for Experimental Biology and resulted in a publication in the competitive, open-source peer-reviewed science journal PLOS-ONE and other first- author publications. She was divinely inspired and determined to take on Cannabis, her own primary medicine, with the same tenacity as her studies at Hopkins.
She founded the lab with over 10 years of experience in academic, clinical and industry laboratories. Her  authoritative innovation and compassionate  imagination for the eco-friendly formulation of medical Cannabis has driven the cooperative to the highest prestige. In her first year at The Pot Lab, she has developed nine market products for the cooperative, including nine OTC , hempseed oil  products and six CAProp 215 products, with numerous projects in the pipeline. Her management philosophy is to  “…apply creative solutions to logical problems and manifest logic in the creative process.” 
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Associate Research Facilitator

Jordan Phillips, B.A.

Carnegie Mellon University
          B.A., Performing Arts (2014)

Talents and Interests:
Theater and Acting, Healing Arts, Sound-bathing, Meditation, Gardening, Eco-lifestyle, Energetic Healing Practices, Music and  Magic.


Our newest resident Jordan is so excited to be working at the Lab.  It was a mutual passion of healing activism that brought them into the field of biochemistry and herbalism.  From a young age they were very inquisitive of the healing arts, the first sign was them making “potions” in their grandmother’s backyard to help the collard greens grow.  They did!  Now they have graduated to experimenting and expanding their research of homeopathic remedies past the use of self-care but to the care of the community.  Jordan has been learning with Dr. Cross about the intersectionality of healing herbs and learning from patients, directly how these medicines are saving lives has been the best part of their time spent at the collective.  They hope to utilize this knowledge to expand the types of medicines the lab creates in order to heal marginalized communities that normally wouldn’t have access.  In these changing times they are so thankful to be learning in such great company.