Negligent Positivity: Why “Positive People” Aren’t Always “Righteous People”

Let’s face it, we are all human and have our shortcomings. We all have” that friend”, however, and I don’t know why I feel less than compelled to describe them but as  “that friend” that drives you nuts and it is OK. You know “that guy/gal”- they always exclaim nothing is bad, all is a good you just need to be “happy” whatever that even means. Is this what we have dissolved to as a society? We will attempt to address why most of us  are absolutely physically intolerable of these parasites of society and how their exclamations are not enlightened but completely naive and narcissistic. It is because they believe they are actually creating a better world – not realizing that belittling the reality some of us face is not only  inhumane, non-directional and vapid but quite disingenuous and naive at best.

           The negligent positivists tend to want to turn lemons into lemonade which is fine for a broken nail but pans out as isolating when one is experiencing a broken heart and severely cold when experiencing death of a loved one. The offensive they take its to basically, tell you that your feelings are not valid (isolating) then tell you that happiness is some valid feeling to always feel (criticizing your humanness). Huh? So, not only have your true feelings been devalued, but now the situation has also been made into a joke. This actually  pushes our physiological buttons further, making us feel shame for being human and having valid emotions.

So what are these negligent positivists worried about? Why do they take time out of their day to make all whom feel less than “happy” even worse? Well, it takes a certain amount of narcissism to first judge anyone for expressing feelings you may not feel at the moment. It takes a very high level of narcissism to expect the world around you to behave in a specific way at all. To even want to control the emotional patterns of others is a whole new realm of falsified “ego” and projection, as most psychologists would call it. I am a biochemist so I will stick to topic and not overstep my own education.

It is biochemically registered in our bodies to have an entire collection of emotions and mental states. When we are angered we physiologically respond to this anger, sadness or fear through the release of epinephrine , adrenaline and other biomolecules which send  matching responses to the brain and nervous system. Our bodies respond through the heart and other parts of the body and yes, it is true that anger and fear change your biochemistry. It may not be the best thing to feel or experience this constantly– but you do not need “that friend” commenting on it, judging you as “weak” for “giving in”, that is not even a friend. After all, what are they going to do but initiate more of the response. Why? Well as we feel (and typically justifiably so) these biochemical reactions the last thing we want is to feel isolated, invalidated and misunderstood.

Your experience of these biomolecules is a natural tendency towards being a human. Mad? Let the world know! In recent studies there have been breakthroughs in anger management and fear release. Once we experience, express and release these feelings…we will tend towards better health, however we have to allow these feelings to first be validated, then purged and transpired through our expressions. Be sure to surround yourself with people who love you for you. These parasitic, negligent positivists are simply sucking the life out of all at their weakest state and keeping their destructive emotions around by belittling and covering open wounds of life. Real friends will understand because, afterall,  no one wants “fair weather friends” do they? Negligent positivists have proven time and time again – to be selfishly seeking a perfect existence rather than respecting life and other humans for what they truly are. Fuck happy, be human.

Brandie M. Cross, PhD
Founder @ The Pot Lab