Epilepsy & Seizure Products

Approximately 125,000 Americans  are diagnosed with epilepsy, every year, making it the fourth most common neurological condition. Up to 40% of patients are refractory or resistant to pharmacological interventions and require combinatorial approaches for treatment. Recently, it has been shown that extremely low doses of THCA are beneficial for those suffering form certain types of epilepsy [1]. In addition, our members have come together to provide years of data regarding the use of Golden Earth for seizures [3], providing additional information on seizure types [4]and co-morbidities [5]. Approximately 78% of our members have some form of epilepsy and about 90% of that cohort struggles with co-morbidities they treat with our products. We are pleased to present this reference guide for epilepsy; See something you want? Just click the picture to order:

Daily Supplements

Golden Earth | Our #1 seller! A raw organic herbal oil blend with raw hemp seed oil and mint mixture . Click Here for our insert info. NOW AVAILABLE IN A 10 ML RESCUE ROLLER! 

NEW! Blue Planet | Premium Raw Organic Hemp Oil Blue Planet is a high quality, cold-pressed hemp oil  made from domestic organic hemp and premium avocado oil. It is antimicrobial, anti-spasmodic, anti-emetic, anti-inflammatory and possible anti-proliferation (cancer) oil.












Topical Treatments                           Daily Nutrition

A global essential oil and plant butter blend, with frankincense, citrus, ginger and holy basil oil with a shea/acidified hemp butter* base.

 Our MCT enriched hemp seed oil is perfect blend to supplement omega fatty acids into your diet and work wonders for skin hair and nails. 











  1. Sulak, Dustin et al. The current status of artisanal cannabis for the treatment of epilepsy in the United States. Epilepsy & Behavior , Volume 70 , 328 – 333

DISCLAIMER: These guides are for suggested use only, and do not replace sound medical advice from your physician. These  products have not been tested, nor are they regulated by the FDA . This guide and these products are  not intended to cure any illness, however a lot of research and testing has been done to ensure you receive a premium, safe, thoughtful and top-of the line product.