The Anarchists’ Medicine Cabinet

om·nip·o·tent /ämˈnipəd(ə)nt/ adjective  having unlimited power; able to do anything. Eucalyptus has the power of omnipotence, from fevers and head colds, to viral lesions, cancer and COPD and even diabetes, eucalyptus has a vast healing powers combined with an invigorating fragrance. Eucalyptus is relied upon throughout the world for cold […]

Omnipotent Eucalyptus: A Major Medicinal Plant

Let’s face it, we are all human and have our shortcomings. We all have” that friend”, however, and I don’t know why I feel less than compelled to describe them but as  “that friend” that drives you nuts and it is OK. You know “that guy/gal”- they always exclaim nothing is bad, all is a […]

Negligent Positivity: Why “Positive People” Aren’t Always “Righteous People”