Essential oils are an excellent means of ingesting highly beneficial biochemicals from plants. However, these essential oils can be very potent to ingest at full strength and can lead to serious injuries and chemical burns. VeganiCare has taken worry from potential essential oil users by creating properly diluted essence oils […]

Hemp Seed Oil Tinctures

Not just a face mask but a #mask for your entire body! A POWERFUL deep blend of organic/sustainable activated charcoal, Aztec clay, hemp protein, and white sage- COMPLETELY overhauls toxins in your skin and renews at the cellular level. Decreases inflammation, spots, marks and diminishes wrinkles while protecting skin with […]

Meta Mask

Blue Planet is a high quality, cold-pressed hemp oil, blended with premium essential oils in an avocado oil base. Typical use range is 0.5ml – 1.0 ml for rich a omega experience with 10mg of antioxidants/phytonutrients per ml! A little goes a long way! Perfectly handcrafted oil made through eco-processing […]

Blue Planet

A global essential oil and plant butter blend, with frankincense, citrus, ginger and holy basil oil with a shea/acidified hemp butter* base.The balm can be rubbed into sore muscles, the feet and the palms for pain relief/inflammation, spasm reduction, muscle tension, relaxation and stress relief. The dark creamy base adheres […]

Black Balm

Golden Earth is a special blend of hemp seed oil, MCT oil with other oils. It is used most often to relax, for focus , and for its anti-oxidant properties – but used by some for seizure and muscle spasm. This formulation is 100% sustainable; No artificial or toxic chemicals […]

Golden Earth