Magic Mist has been shown to alleviate psoriasis, eczema, arthritis, muscle pain, rashes, sunburn, bug bites (while repelling bugs), diaper rash, hives and many other skin/health issues! Magic Mist is a sustainable-made, all-purpose, vegan antiseptic and healing spray made for all kinds of skin aberrations and even beautification! Based in natural […]

Terpene Profiling: The Magic in the Mist

quiescent  /kwē-ěs’ənt, kwī-/ adj. Being quiet, still, or at rest; inactive. The California poppy is arguably the most lovely and fitting of state flowers for the Golden State, but it’s relief of anxiety, seasonal affective disorder, insomnia, pain, liver disease and bladder problems is where the real gold is found. […]

Quiescent California Poppy: A Medicinal Chill Factor

om·nip·o·tent /ämˈnipəd(ə)nt/ adjective  having unlimited power; able to do anything. Eucalyptus has the power of omnipotence, from fevers and head colds, to viral lesions, cancer and COPD and even diabetes, eucalyptus has a vast healing powers combined with an invigorating fragrance. Eucalyptus is relied upon throughout the world for cold […]

Omnipotent Eucalyptus: A Major Medicinal Plant

From fighting cancer to curbing ulcers, to healing the skin, this plant is magical in its many applications for medical use. The African or Aztec Marigold, which is the same flower, also has tribal medical traditions and roots that are purely genius. The illustrious, aster-headed plants are like seeing a […]

The Magic of Aztec Marigolds

1.) Hydrate prior to the event for 2 days or more if you can. This means not just water but salts as found in hydration drinks. The wonderful drinks that can help are teas and lemon/citrus water. Eat plenty of leafy greens, protein and balanced, healthy meals for a few […]

10 Healthy Protest Habits

Basic whole body care must be implemented in the prevention of disease. Whether you are sick, becoming ill or in the throws of serious illness, there are certain dietary changes you can make to halt or at least moderate your disease state(s). Head to toe let us go through what […]

Preventative Measures for Good Health